Long-Term Storage Food

Food-Storage-2-antiqueNOW is the time to get stocked up on food. You’ll need short-, mid-, and long-term storage food in order to avoid being beholden to government and the breadlines that may come in the near future.

The best thing about storing food properly is that if things get better and this nation is able to reverse its current collision course with massive food shortages, your investment into food will not be wasted. As long as you’re getting good food that will last, you will be able to eat it over time regardless of what happens with the economy.

They say to hope for the best but plan for the worst. I say prepare for the worst and be in great shape whether things get better or not.

In preparation for coming food shortages, we hand-selected sponsors for long-term food storage:

  • Whole Cows: MY company! Get souz vide, freeze-dried beef cubes for the long-term. This isn’t “beef crumbles.” These are freeze dried Ribeye cubes, NY Strip cubes, and more. Use promo code “jdr” for a nice discount.

  • Late PrepperThe best quality long-term storage food on the planet (use promo code “jdr” for 15% off)

  • My Patriot SupplyAffordable and good quality

  • Nutrient Survival: Premium, nutritious food for the long haul

  • Valley Food Storage: Great selection and very high quality

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