Verified America-First Precious Metals Companies

The THREE America First Precious Metals Companies I Recommend:

  • Our Gold Guy – Family-owned business for personal consultations with owner Ira Bershatsky

  • Genesis Gold Group – Mid-sized company with a Christian worldview, as in “Genesis” from the Bible

  • Goldco – The big company recommended by Stew Peters

Most Americans are very concerned about the future of the U.S. economy, and rightly so. Turmoil has been the only consistent aspect of it… with one major exception. Precious metals have remained steady even as the stock market, cryptocurrencies, real estate, and other markets fluctuate erratically.

Many are moving parts of their wealth or retirement to precious metals because it simply makes sense. If we are to have a major economic downturn, recession, or even full-blown economic collapse, precious metals are considered by many to be the right way to go. I’m not a financial advisor, but I don’t think it takes a fiscal genius to see the writing on the wall.

We have THREE precious metals sponsors. The reason for this is simple. Some people like to deal with a family-owned and extremely experienced company, which is why Our Gold Guy has been with us for nearly a year. Others want a bigger company that offers a wider range of products, which is why we also have GoldCo. Our newest is the first Christian-aligned precious metals company, Genesis Gold Group. All three are America First companies and they can help you secure your financial future.

I personally vetted around two dozen precious metals companies. What I found is many are working with elements associated with the Chinese Communist Party. Others are Democrats, regularly donating some of the money they earn from selling precious metals to the anti-American Democrat Party. Some were just scummy.

Our Gold Guy, Genesis Gold Group, and GoldCo are America First companies with no attachment to the CCP and no financial support for the Democrats. Plus, they’ll take good care of you. Check them out today.

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