Verified America-First Precious Metals Companies

The TWO America First Precious Metals Companies I Recommend:

  • Our Gold Guy – Family-owned business for personal consultations with owner Ira Bershatsky

  • Genesis Gold Group – Mid-sized company with a Christian worldview, as in “Genesis” from the Bible

Why Two Companies?

The vast majority of conservative shows and news sites recommend a single precious metals company. They base this on personal relationships in rare cases, but usually it’s a matter of who offers the best commission.

Unfortunately, the companies that are offering the best commissions did not pass my “Patriot Test.” I have vetted out 31 gold companies so far, and only four qualified as truly America First. I recently narrowed the list down to two based on stronger customer service and honorable marketing techniques. Here are my criteria to qualify:

  • America First gold companies and their executives should NOT donate to Democrats. Most do because a bad Democrat economy is good for the gold business.
  • America First gold companies should NOT work with the Chinese Communist Party or their proxies. Most American gold companies work with distributors, consultants, and/or depositories that are CCP-aligned.
  • America First gold companies DO oppose Central Bank Digital Currencies. A little over half of the companies I vetted are banking (pun intended) on CBDCs taking over and they’re positioning themselves to benefit if it happens.
  • America First gold companies DO oppose Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) policies. Most of the companies I vetted do oppose ESG, but some of the most popular and largest ones are all in for “equity.”

I did not select the most lucrative precious metals sponsors. I picked the ones that are best aligned with my worldview. In fact, the companies I selected are having trouble finding marketing partners because their commissions are far lower than the mega-companies.

Are Gold and Silver Good Investments?

The short answer is that I’m not a financial advisor and therefore cannot offer advice. I will, however, share my opinion on the matter.

Most Americans are very concerned about the future of the U.S. economy, and rightly so. Turmoil has been the only consistent aspect of it… with one major exception. Precious metals have remained steady even as the stock market, cryptocurrencies, real estate, and other markets fluctuate erratically.

Many are moving parts of their wealth or retirement to precious metals because it simply makes sense. If we are to have a major economic downturn, sustained recession, or even full-blown economic collapse, precious metals are considered by many to be the right way to go. It doesn’t take a fiscal genius to see the writing on the wall.

Our Gold Guy and Genesis Gold Group are America First companies with no attachment to the CCP and no financial support for the Democrats. They do oppose CBDCs and ESG. Plus, they’ll take good care of you. Check them out today.

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